What is Moufeed?

Moufeed provides a self-study platform that creates lessons out of authentic spoken Arabic videos. Alongside general language learning (vocab, grammar) our lessons help students understand how words and expressions are used in their cultural context.

The name

Moufeed مفيد means useful. Why useful? We believe that the Arabic you need to know in order to communicate with Arabic speakers and integrate into the Arab community is the spoken Arabic, also called the Arabic vernaculars or colloquials.

About the idea

The idea of Moufeed came out of the experience of Arabic language students who were studying Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), but found when they travelled to the Arab world that MSA is useful only for academic purposes, and did not fulfil their desire to have daily life conversations, to make friends (who don’t make fun of their classical Arabic, telling them they sound like this or that news anchor or someone who returned alive from the 7th century), and to feel they can actually be part of the Arab society.