Spoken Arabic proverb to say ‘to each his own’

12 Mar

Often when you are in a discussion with someone, you may end up having different opinions on the topic. So how would you end the discussion in a semi-friendly manner in Arabic? Apart from not losing your smiles, you can use this expression to indicate: to each his own opinion and let's end the discussion here!

This expression is used in the whole Arab world, but its pronunciation varies depending on the region.

Listen below to the difference in pronouncing this proverb in Syrian and Egyptian colloquial.

In Syrian colloquial:

In Egyptian colloquial:

Expression in Arabic:

  • كل واحد ينام على الجنب اللي يريحه


  • Different people have different preferences.

Literal meaning:

  • Each one sleeps on the side that makes him comfortable


  •  It is said when people differ in an opinion. The person who says it shows that although he doesn't agree,  the other(s) is free to do whatever they like.


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