Personal pronouns in Egyptian colloquial (Subject)

24 Jan
  • Pronouns are important to communicate in Egyptian Arabic.
  • The pronouns replace nouns
  • The lesson below shows you how to use pronouns in Egyptian Arabic.


Personal pronouns

I أنا 
you (singular)  أنت / إنتي
He ّهو 
She ّهي
We إحنا
you (Plural) إنتو
They همّا

Listen to the examples in the video below and practice the prononciation of the Egyptian personal pronouns:

I like coffe أنا بحب القهوة
Do you like coffee? (singular)  أنت بتحب القهوة
He runs fast  ّهو بيجري بسرعة
She is active ّهي نشيطة
We bought new computer إحنا اشترينا كومبيوتر
Do you need new dress? (Plural) إنتو عايزين فستان جديد
They play football  همّا بيلعبو كورة

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