Meaning of the Egyptian proverb ‘الدنيا دواره’

10 Mar

الدنيا دواره

Many people believe that this proverb is the Arabic equivalent of "What goes around comes around". However, this is not exactly right. Unlike the Karma concept, this Egyptian expression doesn't state that someone's life is determined by their actions (if they do good they get good things and if they do bad they get bad things). It merely reminds them that life changes constantly and if today you are in a good position, tomorrow you may lose it.

Expression in Arabic:

  • الدنيا دوارة


  • Life can turn around

Literal meaning:

  • Life is rotary


  • To say that in life nothing remains the same forever; the rich could become poor and the weak can become strong, and vice versa. 
  • When someone harms another person whether physically or verbally, you remind him that life can turn around and put him instead of that person.


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